September 19, 2010

Open house

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What a crazy day of sunshine, rain, talking, eating, laughing, teaching, more sunshine, more rain. It was so enjoyable and unexpected. Thank you to those that came and joined us in the fun. Lisa silveira showed us the knitting machine, as well as a demo on how to use it. Sharon Blair described how you can learn to sew your own outfit so that others willwant to know wher you bought it. Rita lufman was showing us her cutwork needle projects, endless hoop free standin insertion lace ( complicated name but not hard to learn.), and embroidered book marks that are made in the hoop. Pj had a swarm of ladies at her table because she was demonstrating how to quilt in the hoop. Chris Potter was running around with her pencil and a clip board while helping students sign up for Pfaff club and classes.
All in all, a great day. Be sure to join us next week at our Beaverton store.

August 20, 2010

5D Software & Upgrades are on sale at Montavilla

What we really like about this new 5D embroidery software is that it interacts with nearly all embroidery file types and machines. Plus, you are able to edit your embroideries in real time while your garment is in place. So if something doesn’t look quite right when you get your garment hooped, you can easily go and resize, flip the layout or adjust specific elements of the design.

Do you ever want to view your design in metallic threads? Would you like to see exactly what your design will look like in a variety of colors? Would you like to have the ability to easily edit stitches of the designs? Well, now you can!

We have the new 5D software set up on two machines so you can see the latest in creativity and perfection for Viking/Husqvarna and Pfaff. We will be offering software classes when you purchase the software. Upgrades are also available now.